Wix Help


Wix Users 

If you are a new administrator or have forgotten how to make edits to your website, use the following instructional slide shows to get help. Below is a listing of the sliders.

  • Login
  • Editing a page
  • Adding and accessing new photos
  • Navigating the dashboard
  • Accessing the sandbox and live databases


WIX Login

Need help logging in?

Use the slider arrows to get help.

Go to wix.com

Enter the email and password you were given by the administrator.

Select your site

Clicking on the image of your site.

Hover mouse on down arrow.

Choose “Edit Site” on dropdown menu.

WIX Photos

Use the slider arrows to get help.

Adding a photo

Move your cursor to the left menu. Click on a “+” which is the Add menu.

Choose Image

The image that you add may originate from a stock image, your library or an upload. If the image is already uploaded, simply select and click on the bottom right “Add to Page” button.

If you want to add a new image, choose "Upload Media"

This button is located on the upper left hand corner of the previous screen. Drag new media in or select it from your computer.

Select an image

If you are changing out a photo or adding a new photo, select it here. Once the image is highlighted, click on “Add to Page” button on the bottom right hand of the screen.

Style your image

Once your image is added, you have a choice to add styles to it. A menu bar will appear above your image.

Style Choices

WIX Editing a Page

Use the slider arrows to get help.

Find Page Listing Arrow

Look in the upper left hand corner of the page to locate your “Pages” menu. Then select the down arrow just to the right of Page: Home

Select the page you want to edit

Use your mouse or down arrows to scroll down to the page you want and select it by clicking on it..

Click on section you want to edit.

Once you find the section that you want to change, in this case a text section, you can start editing right away by typing your new content and/or selecting and deleting old content. If you want to change the style of the section, click on “Edit Text”.

Changing the Style

To change the style of your content, first highlight it by scrolling over it. Then go to the menu and choose how you want to change it. For example, font size, color, or font.

WIX Sandbox/Live Databases

 Use the slider arrows to get help.

Sandbox v. Live Databases

The sandbox is a copy of the live database that you can sort and test without affecting the live (published) database. Syncing a sandbox to live will delete your old sandbox database and overwrite the live sandbox.

Accessing Databases

Databases are accessed from the database icon from the editing menu OR

Accessing Databases Pt. 2

Databases may also be accessed from the main dashboard. Select “Content Manager” which is located on the bottom of the menu.

Editing Data

Once your database is selected, use the tab keys to move to the desired row and column. Type in new information. Save in “live” version.

Sorting Data

Choose a category. Then sorting is numerical or alphabetical.

Filtering Data

Data may be filtered by choosing a field and then choosing a word or number that the data contains.