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  • Small business owners

  • Service providers

  • Special interest groups


Scannablesites creates organized, easy to use websites. Visitors will quickly discover your:

  • mission/goal
  • product/service
  • excellence

Users will get easy access to learn why they need you.  Photos, testimonials, detailed product/service descriptions,  and competitor analysis will be used to convince the visitor to take action.

Scannablesites Features

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SSL certified and Yoast firewall protected


Compresses images and videos for speed without sacrificing clarity

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Easy to edit, update and add-on

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Uses your brand to create design, colors, and fonts while adhering to website user expectations

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Readable on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

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Managed by the most popular website content manager in the world

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Meets current standards for disabled users

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Capitalizes on Google Analytics to optimize search engine results



Illinois Masters Site

Illinois Masters Swimming

For members of an adult swimming group to communicate about upcoming national events.

Lakeview In Barrington HOA website

Lakeview in Barrington

Homeowners Association Site used to provide information to realtors, share a directory for members and vote for board members.

D. I. Golf League website

Golf League

This site helps members of the golf league with scheduling, handicapping, and determining their rankings within the league.

The Swim Doc website

The Swim Doc

Private practice for a physical therapist specializing in swimming.

We start with comparables

We check out comparable business websites to make sure the competition doesn’t have an edge on you.

Factors that help determine what your website will look like and how it will function are:

  • Content that others in your business are displaying
  • Unique aspects of  your business that make it special
  • Information users expect to find on your site
  • Types of media you want to display
Open laptop
Six Wireframes

Then create a wireframe

Based on information to be displayed, we create a visual prototype of a webpage.

The basic layout of content and media is created for home and support pages. Note that web standards will be observed to make using the website and intuitive as possible. Some example of web standards include:

  • Underlining links
  • Clearly labeled menu at the top
  • Contact information on the top right tab and/or footer


Lastly, fine tune the functionality of your site

For a user friendly site, the following are employed:

  • Quick page downloads
  • Easy to use menu
  • Responsive sizing for different sized computers
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant
  • Secure website padlock displayed in URL
  • Search engine optimization through content labels
  • Google Analytics set up to evaluate useability
  • Firewall hacker prevention




“I was extremely pleased with how easy our site was to use”

We needed a secure directory and interactive page for elections. The databases were easy to access, edit and reset for the administrator. 

Al Crook, President of Lakeview in Barrington HOA

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Still hesitant to get started?

The website building process may seem overwhelming because there is quite a bit of behind the scenes preparations needed to make the site run smoothly. A considerable amount of time needs to be invested to ensure the following:

  1. Looks attractive
  2. Loads quickly
  3. Easy to read on different sizes screens
  4. Is secure
  5. Functions efficiently
  6. Is easy for the user to find on the web

A professional company can take on this task for you. Once the website is up and running, you will be educated on how to update it at your convenience.


What do I need to have a functioning website?

To start with, you need to register a domain name and find a host for your site. Both of these services require yearly re-occurring fees.

Next comes the design and content. Lastly, is the back-end housekeeping to make sure the user has a hassle free visit to your site.

How much is this going to cost?

  • Domain registration – $20/year
  • Hosting – $150-200/year
  • Website layout – $25/page
  • Database? – $100-200
  • eCommerce site? – $50
  • Photos? – $100+ (depends on how many you need)
  • Copywriting – $20/hour
  • Average website – $500

How long does it take?

As fast as three weeks, if the following conditions are met:

  1. Expedient communication between client and designer
  2. Explicit expectations
  3. Flexibility on design

Two factors that may slow the process down are numerous photos that need to be taken and edited and large databases.

What happens when the contract has been fulfilled?

You need to designate an administrator to respond to emails, contact form submissions, and updating any new information that you want on the site. 

After you website had been completed, yoi will be given a 30 minute tutorial and written instructions for future reference.

How will I know if my site is effective?

You will be shown how to monitor your site visitors using the WordPress Dashboard and Google Analytics.